Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bejeweled Twist : How to Win.

Timewasters of the world unite! If you have yet to discover the joys of Bejeweled - now in three forms - beware. It is totally addictive. However if you have, and have progressed to Bejeweled Twist, the most 'sophisticated' of them all, you'll waste a lot of time exploring the subtleties of the game, even if you haven't bought it and simply play the ten-round trial version. Here's what you should be doing to get maximum points.

(1) Don't bother 'positioning' anything. Make sure every twist of the circle results in a gem collapse. Make sure you have a 100% hit rate, otherwise the game will get you back. In later stages, you'll find the unexploded ticking bombs will bite you in the ass.

(2) Try to follow the bonus sequence bottom left of screen. The four gems, if targeted and collapsed in order, will accelerate your advance to 10 times score , as well as defusing ticking bombs, adding time, and every now and again giving you a free superfruit.

(3) When trying to follow the sequence in (2) kill off those colours which are NOT in the sequence first, thereby increasing your chances to complete the four. Try to make sure, when you start the sequence, that all four to be collapsed are visible. Once you've been playing for a long time, you'll get to be very adept at this.

(4) In the early stages of the game, say the first three rounds of ten, don't bother exploding those gems which have been set on fire. Keep them to get higher scores (once you're getting 10 times score). You'll have to give some away, but try carrying them over.
(5) You can largely ignore the 'ticking bombs' as they very often get cut off by the end of the round. Even when you've got several jumping and buzzing and hollering for attention, just ignore them, and DON'T let them persuade you to start positioning stuff. In the event of one reaching zero you will ALWAYS get away with it and, if you've maintained a 100% hit rate, you'll invariably get away with a second, and even a third one too.

(6) There's only one way to collapse 5 gems at a time, it involves twisting two of the central five into place. This then blows up two lines of gems and generally blasts you into high scoring mode.
There's no way of organising six to blow up at a time, you inherit it when the gems drop down from above. This flaming conflagration blows up three rows vertically and three rows horizontally, a very satisfying exploding screen.

(7) I tend to ignore the locked gems, as well as the ticking bombs. Not worth bothering about.

(8) Towards level ten (in the free trial version) you should be aiming to get the superfruits which when collapsed will temporarily halt the game, darken the screen, light up and pulsate, erasing all other identical gems around the frame, resulting in high scores.

(9) THEN you must try to follow the SUPERGEMS superbonus which, if completed, will give you the holy grail, a sequence of superfruits which leap out the screen, jump around to music, explode, dance, and shower you with literally thousands of points.

(10) Try to use the exploding gems to your advantage throughout the game, don't just blow them up needlessly. Carry them over, use them to blow up the screen to bring down the gems that you want for the sequence of four.

Oh, and then get on with your work!


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