Thursday, July 16, 2009


I like progress, always have, long before the king of change swept into the White House. It's why I left the comfort of institutions like the BBC, ITV - and marriage - quite so frequently. And why I'm happy downsizing, changing, and moving forward.

Despite the job losses, I love the way production in media has developed, I love the fast way new technology is racing, why this very blog is being overtaken by new means of communication. For the moment, hello Twitter, au revoir Facebook, bye bye Blogging.

But it's goodbye to other things. In my case I read today that flatbeds in BA planes might be phased out. Boo! Hoo! They changed my life, flying to my adopted city (New York) was revolutionised by the idea that you could sleep, without drink and food, virtually all the way. No movies, no fizz, no extra glasses of red. I still use them, mostly on other airlines, because everyone has outpriced BA.

I'm writing this in Bradford, home of the English Curry, but tonight I asked our Yorkshire Chef in Titus (Saltaire) if he'd cheated by putting cream in the pea risotto. (regular readers will know how fanatical I am about peas). He was horrified that I could even suggest such a thing. A few years ago he'd have been nonplussed. I'd had the real thing, proper risotto, just as I cook it, just as you have it in Italy. Bravissimo! (sound of breathless sighing here if you're a nuts about peas as, er, me)

I like instant response. I couldn't talk to Alan in London because he was talking via Skype to his son in Beijing (for free). I texted my pal in Dubai and established a link, with jokes. I automatically emailed chums in New York and Los Angeles as if they were Hackney and Ealing. I spoke with people in Shanghai, Glasgow, Stornoway, Melbourne, and wrote some pithy tosh online all over the world.

I am about to embark on a TV series which invades six different countries and a film which takes me out of the UK for months. This is possibly goodbye blogothing. Maybe I'll be a Twitterer (a Twit) from now on.

But maybe it won't make the slightest bit of difference.


Anonymous said...

I like your blog, don't stop writing!
Good luck with your series.

Melanie said...

Good Luck Nation I will miss you Stay lucky best wishes with your series MB X