Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Now that's not very nice, is it?

Oh dear, yesterday was a very bad day, wasn't it? Weather wasn't very nice, my loved ones are away, my business partner is laid up with an injury, Delia Smith was lunching beside me and talking too loud. My bloody Oyster card wasn't working either. Shit.

Oh yes, and our very own Nazi Stormtroopers were voted for in large numbers in a democratic election. We now have 2 BNP MEPs to be ashamed of.

Since the weekend I've had a thought in my head that won't go away. The D-Day Veterans returning to Normandy for what is probably the final time to stand where their friends and comrades in arms were mown down in the biggest single turning point of the Second World War. Each time I hear their stories - and at the last anniversary I was there - it becomes more poignant, more sad. Teenagers who barely knew what they were fighting for shot as they landed on picturesque beaches. It's a hell of a story and in case you thought Saving Private Ryan was just a Hollywood fiction, Tom Hanks was even there this time with Obama et al to pay his dues.

They all died for a common cause, to rid the world of an evil cancer that Germany had let loose. And so, just a few days later, we're watching our own Nazi scum spew forth onto our screens. I only hope that most of the Veterans are too gaga to register the full horror of this sickening episode.

OK, so they'll be hustled out soon enough, the turnout was so low it let them slip through and you'd have to be made of solid wood, a real plank, not to realise now what you've done with your BNP-it's-only-a-protest-vote but in one constituency over 100,000 people were fooled by their suits and smiles into thinking that they're something respectable, that they have some kind of policy on offer that's a way forward.

They are, to a man (a white man, no black peope allowed) disreputable, violent scum of the first order and they make me ashamed to be British. They should be hounded off the stage, run out of politics with their holocaust denials, their anti-semitism, racism, homophobia and foaming at the mouth agenda to attack everyone and anyone they don't like. They are undemocratic to the core, they would end freedom of speech tomorrow if they could. Oh, let them have the freedom to talk, at Speaker's Corner or some provocative little rally they've organised through an immigrant community, but please, don't let's pretend they're a political force of any merit.

Nick Griffn was pelted with eggs outside the Commons today. Good. I hope every time he shows his loathesome mug in public he gets hit with something, anything. And as for Mons, the Jew-hating former footsoldier of the National Front and the National Socialist league (National Socialism - geddit?) may he end his days in a home surrounded by ex-servicemen. That would be fitting.

Now, tomorrow, tomorrow.....that will be a better day, won't it?



Anonymous said...

Hello Nation hope you are well

Nationwide said...

Hello Anon,
I am very well indeed, enjoying the sunny delights of Edinburgh for this past week. Sean Connery is pictured this morning struggling with a sash window during one of his fleeting tax-free visits here to pick up an honorary doctorate. Not very 007, being clouted by a window frame, is it?
I hope things with you are well too.

Anonymous said...

Tickety Boo young man I think I remember when I seen you in your first Bond movie :-)

Nationwide said...

Mish Moneypenny, my firsht Bond movie wash a while ago.

But interestingly I am writing this LIVE on a TRAIN which has WIFI! Woooo!


Anonymous said...

Did you swing your pants for Soltice ???

Nationwide said...

Nope, but I had lunch at The Ivy if that counts.