Thursday, May 14, 2009

Memory Loss: An Appeal

Last year I was sat in Claridges, taking tea, as one does, explaining to a friend of mine who in my view is a complete idiot, the advantages of having all of one's work on memory sticks. I had, only recently, transferred years of paper files to the digital world, literally crates of paperwork now on a something gigabyte stick, two actually, which I occasionally kept about my person. All neatly filed, categorised. I even marked the sticks "FILM" and "TV" in case I got confused between their corporate logos. Tiny little things they were, I didn't even buy them, they were freebies given away instead of pens. Later that night, as we had moved on to liquids stronger than tea, I left the sticks, in their little box, on the table (which also had a day's worth of detritus, not mine, spread over it) and they were never seen again.

A search the following day confirmed their loss.

"Don't you have them backed up?" some not-so-stupid friends asked. "Er, they were the back up". Lots of important stuff was still on the main computer and was saved. Lots of stuff was lost forever.

So who would be so stupid as to let something like that happen again? What kind of dolt would carry all his important work around on an even smaller memory stick. in a wee plastic box less than an inch long attached to nothing more than a bit of string, like some homeless mutt? Who?


In my defence, I did have a backup system until a few weeks ago when the main computer was dragged off for some repairs which have proved complex. I can't access anything and the files may be wiped.

So, an appeal. EVERYTHING on this tiny little stick was written on this ere laptop, including a recent splurge of intense creativity which, at the last count, had reached 55,000 words which are rather tragically not backed up. I've watched CSI, Family Guy, and the X-Files so I KNOW all that stuff is still here on my laptop where it was written, viewed, edited every day for the last few months. Question is, how do I get to it?

Answers in a comment please, in the box below.


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