Monday, December 29, 2008

Seasons Greetings!

Despite Woolworths closing.

Unless of course you're in Gaza, in which case you're subject to a blockade. And bombing by the Israeli air force which killed more than 300 people.

Bombing and killing in excess of 300 people. Jesus Fucking Christ. With the most sophisticated weaponry known to the western world. Shit. Merry Fucking Christmas Israel. And no, there was no joke intended there.

So Gaza has been blockaded by Israel. And people are starving. They cannot receive food(unless by Red Cross?). So there's Hamas retaliatory rocket fire, murdering innocent Israeli civilians in the nearest towns across the wall.
Nobody can do anything. Can't go anywhere. Nobody can function.

Sorry? We're worried about Woolies closing, or fucking Whittard? Or some rebranding of Virgin's high street stores? (a whole industry which now thrives online) called Zippa or something?

Please. Let's get real.

First off, I like Israel. I like Tel Aviv, Eilat, and Jerusalem especially. I like Jews. I like Israelis. I like Jewish Arabs. I like Arabic Jews. Are you understanding me here? I have spent more time in East and West Jerusalem than is healthy for me. I like people there. All of them. Except the Zionists. And some of the Settlers.

The vast majority of Israelies want peace. The overwhelming number of Arabs want peace.
I like Jordan. I like Egypt. I like Syria (not sure about Damascus). I like Iraq, especially Baghdad, before hostilities of course, and I lurve Lebanon. I could go on, and on, about the Middle East, but let's just say I have no problem with anyone there. I like the UAE too.

But I don't like murderers.

In every quarter of every area you can possibly imagine, Jews and Arabs co-exist. I've been in every single country you can name. I have met rabid extremists on both sides including the Israelis who think "they're driving us into the water" and he Arabs who think all Jews are bad. Thankfully, they're the minority.

The only solution is peaceful co-existence. Israel and Palestine side by side. There is no alternative. That's the only way it's going to be. Seriously, think about it, there is genuinely never, ever going to be any other alternative.

How long will it take?

Er, Merry Christmas.


lucecannon said...

Pretty good insight, for a building society. Totally agree. Loss of Woollies versus hundreds dead because 'there's a time to fight and now is the time to fight'. We don't know which side is up, do we?

Nationwide said...

This says it all really,

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Mr Nationwide