Friday, December 05, 2008

Hey OJ! How ya doin?

.................BREAKING NEWS...................

Whoa! Let's leave aside any improper thoughts we may be having about Judge Glass - she is hot - this is breaking news folks and it ain't constrained by network execs so I can like the judge all I want! - and OJ's talking! In Court! In Vegas!

Hey OJ!
Let me ask ya something - if you're all cut up about some sports memorabilia (you didn't seem to be a few weeks ago) howcome you weren't so cut up in 95 when you thought you might be going down for a double murder that you walked away from?
Age mellowed you?

Judge Glass (phew) is telling him, with a disarmingly steely gaze that PREVIOUS COURT APPEARANCES do not count here in Vegas, it's what you thought you could do here that matters. Because you can't. Guns. Violence. All on tape.

What we call BANG TO RIGHTS. That's a legal technical term.

CJ Stewart, the partrner in crime, gets 15 years and then OJ gets a whole shebang of concurrent sentences but there's a consecutive one or two in there. 15 years minimum, we'll have to wait because Sky are all over the place, CNN are running Christiane Amanpour's heavily trailed event programme, and the BBC are just transmitting it with comments here and there.

"Do not" says Judge Glass "think this is payback"
Let's see what the headlines say tomorrow, shall we?

But a few minutes later pere Goldman and daughter are out on the court steps - just as they used to do every day in LA as they watched their own justice system get derailed by greed and politics and race and money to the extent that a double killer walked free under the greatest spotlight in the modern world - thrilled to see him in chains, thrilled to see him walking back into jail. But of course it has no connection, etc etc. But they're pleased that their pursuit may have pushed Mr Simpson to create a crime. Go Fred.

The lawyers are out too. "Innocent" and yes, yes, we'll await the appeal, I can hear the pencils being sharpened now, but bail has been denied.
OJ's in jail.
For real this time.

Hey Judge Glass.

Can I buy you a drink?



Anonymous said...

A lemoncillo would be dandy !

Nationwide said...

Are you Judge Glass?
Can we have a date?

Anonymous said...

Judge Glass sent former Oakland Raiders kicker Cole Ford to a mental facility in 2005 for firing a gun toward the home of Sin City entertainers Siegfried & Roy in 2004.

Police said shotgun pellets shattered windows and left a hole in a wall, but no one was injured.

Nationwide said...

"Sin City"??

Yeractual said...

HFactor will hammer you for "get's".

That apostraphe catastrophe puts you in a league beyond even OJ's reach.

And merry Christmas to you.


Yeractual said...

And she will hammer me for 'apostraphe' too.


Nationwide said...

I cannot imagine to what you might be referring. I can only assume some of that west country cider has produced spots in front of your eyes. Or in this case apostrophe's.
You'll be seeing them hereabout's next.
Merry Christma's to you too. Hope all is well in the ghost town of Little Shag.

Nationwide said...

Anyway's, HF is far too important a personage to be bothered about anonymous blogs and suchlike. She's got live blogging to do now. Every day.