Friday, December 21, 2007

Breaking Shore News

Where were you when President Kennedy died?
When Neil Armstrong stepped out onto the moon?
When your mother, or father, passed away?
I'll tell you where I was when I heard the news tonight. I was in The Shore Bar.
There are only a few great bars in the world. Here is the Top Ten.
(1) The French, Dean St, Soho, London.
Best bar in Central London. Magnif.
(2) The Hand in Hand, Brighton (Kemptown), England.
Bev, God rest your soul, you created a brilliant pub (and brewery)
(3) Puffin, Tribeca, New York City
Stuff all the rest, Puffin is the boots.
(4) That little bar in Montparnasse, Paris.
No sorry, ALL little bars in Montparnasse, Paris.
(5) Every bar underneath Osaka's main railway station.
And Shijunku, Tokyo.
(6) Tennents Bar, Glasgow.
No, The Halt Bar, Glasgow. No. The Rogano. Glasgow. No...
(7) The Crillon, Central Cannes, France.
No relation. It's beside the station. Rose, steak frites, cafe. Perfect.
(8) Urbani, Turin, Italy.
Probably the bar/restaurant in Italy, especially when Juventus are playing...
(9) The Temple Bar , Lafayette and Spring, Noho, NYC
The best martinis in the world. Seriously. None better.
(10) The Shore Bar, The Shore, Leith, Edinburgh.

There is one almighty bar in Edinburgh which everyone the (rugby) world over loves - the Cafe Royal - but down in Leith lurks just about the world's best traditional bar and restaurant.
Fantastic Scottish food and drink, excellent music most every night (from trad jazz to Highland to, well, piano, flute and drum: brilliant) Fish soup to die for, been there for years, whisky, open til 1am. Dark wood, awkward space, typical bar. EVERYONE goes there.
The Shore has been sold. OMG.
The people next door run Fishers. They've apparently bought it. So that's OK then. No-one has to worry.

At all.





Harriet Hamster said...

None better than the easy-jet Arms

Lovely pub in Nice too Murphys


Nationwide said...

From where I'm sitting, all pubs in Nice are Nice.

Yeractual said...

Dearest nationwide,

Just a wee note to send affectionate regards (regardless of season) to you, - it's been great to bump into you here and there over the last year.

Also from Bas and Merv (chrs n' ta)


PS - It may be a false memory, but I seem to recall being on a grassy knoll when JFK decorated the limo.

Nationwide said...

And compliments of the season to all of you three as well. I am an avid reader of your local news and wait with baited breath on editon 3hitting the streets. Or farmtracks more probably.
Should you have any clearer memory of that day in Dalls do feel free to get in touch direct so we can, er, give this news it's rightful prominence (50/50 like).
Incidentally, in real life I'm Prince Charles but you can still call me Nationwide if you prefer.

Harriet Hamster said...

Have a good time one and all

Nationwide said...

This is truly the year of Amy Winehouse. Massive dance among young persons and old people.
All Day Xmas Day. Fab.
Happy Holidays!

Dame Blogger said...

Were you dancing ?

Nationwide said...

No madam I most certainly was not dancing on Christmas Day. There were children, and animals, present.