Friday, August 03, 2007

Some things need to be said

A long time ago the current Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was a politics lecturer. I didn't know he was going to be PM, or even Chancellor. He taught politics. He was brilliant.
He then went off and presented a TV politics programme. He was OK at that too.
Many years later he hosted a poetry night at No 11 Downing Street in honour of National Poetry Day (sigh)
There were two brilliant poets performing in front of the great and the good, one of whom was the Fire Poet, Philip Wells, who did stunning stuff, as he always does.
It would have been easy to just shake a few hands and sneak out after a few minutes. But Gordon Brown introduced the evening with Hugh McDiarmid, a poet very well known in Scotland, but not well known South of the Border. He didn't read any notes, nor did he skive off. He recited McDiarmid in full. Then he stayed - despite aides tugging his sleeve - all night.

Wow, former Chancellor. Dude.

The alleged suicide bomber at Glasgow Airport has died tonight, and by coincidence, just a few hours before, Gordon Brown met John Smeaton at No 10.
John Smeaton is the baggage handler at Glasgow Airport who - on a fag break - suddenly found himself in the midst of a conflagration with a flaming Jeep, a flaming driver (now dead) , and another "alleged" terrorist. Smeato ran to help a policeman and has become a hero (at least North of the Border - see for his efforts.
He's also written up worldwide, from the USA to India to China and oh....everywhere (this is a blog, not a newspaper!)
Smeato is a regular guy. A smart, well read, straight up and down bloke who suddenly found himself not only in the midst of a terrrorist attack, but then almost immediatley in a media cyclone. He's dealt with it.

Tonight, Gordon Brown invited him to No 10. He could have just shook his hand "Hi, I'm Gordy" But he didn't. He spent at least ten minutes in private, asking what had happened to him, how he was, what had happened to the others who took the same action. He wanted to know. Then he came out in front of the press and sang his praises. For another ten minutes.

The British Minister took time to sing the praises of a baggage handler from Glasgow airport who just took a moment out his life to do the right thing. To stop a potential mass murderer killing a lot of innocent people.

Hey British Prime Minister! Good Thing!


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Nationwide !

I also became aware that - whatever else may be his concessions to the banksters and other powerful groups and individuals, Gordon Brown must not be part of Blair/Bu$h's "project" or he would not have had to tackle so many alleged terrorist incidents nor (probably) the flooding in England, all within a day or two of assuming the office of Prime Minister.

Brown's quiet, steady manner, and what I have heard are actual collegial cabinet meetings (as reported on BBC Radio 4 by some who atteneded) make me feel more and more that although the criminal combine that is still riding high in the saddle in the Old Country and in one capital in the Levant may do their worst, we at least have a Prime Minister who has integrity and the guts and know-how to make sure that - as often as he can - he'll make sure that what occurs on his watch will be for the benefit of the majority of people in the U.K. - and that can only really benefit the world as a whole.