Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rocky YouTube rocks

I like YouTube as much as anyone, and ever since I saw OK GO perform their one take video in the gym, my life has been enhanced immeasureably. In fact I love YouTube. You can find anything there. I found Rocky, a redundant old movie franchise which was recently resurrected to provide a pension for all concerned, especially Sly Stallone. Not only did the movie have healthy takings but the trailer - the trailer for God's sake! - actually became the world's most popular video thanks to You Tube! Well I never, I thought to myself. ......

I was faffing around on YouTube one day watching cute animals one minute and odd Japanese anime the next, when I noticed the most unusual activity on "popular videos". Lots of posters were saying things like "Yo, Go Rocky!" and "Rocky Rules OK" and stuff that just went on and on and on and on. Loads of them. Not a few dozen, but hundreds, and then the more I watched, thousands. And then over a period of 24 hours hundreds of thousands! A gazillion Rocky fans suddenly all come together on YouTube to declare their love for Rocky and make an old man's life complete. A declaration of love! We haven't seen you for years, Rocky, but we all love you! And despite the fact that YouTube is populated by the demographic that advertisers for such movies are desperately trying to capture, (teenagers) we, the true fans of Rocky, who are probably all about mid thirties to early fifties, have all just suddenly decided that we are going to sign up to this YouTube thing and declare our love for Rocky. We're gonna say things like "Go Rocky!" and "Rocky Go!" so many times it will make your eyes and ears bleed! It will be a declaration of love. For Sly. And Rocky.

And by coincidence, this almighty mass declaration of love, sudden and spontaneous that it is, will also have the result of making a mundane trailer for a mundane MGM film the number one video in the world for two days, thus securing a prominent place in the minds of teens worldwide just a week before the movie opens. A movie that probably most of them had never even heard of before, never mind been to see.

All thanks to a million genuine Rocky fans who suddenly decided to come together on YouTube to declare their love for Rocky in a spontaneous manner which had nothing to do with MGM's publicity department.

I love You Tube. A little.

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