Thursday, March 22, 2007


We don't have hangovers today which is a good thing because...

we're moving today, not house which would be traumatic, but office which is just a pain, particularly since it's snowing and for several days now it's officially been spring, and what with global warming and my half Italian partner squawking "primavera" into the skype to Rome every fifteen seconds I had rather hoped that when the van turned up we could be toiling - when I say we I mean the blokes that do the toiling as opposed to the very intelligent general types who organise the toil - in the hot spring sun complaining about global warming and Gordon Brown, instead of which we (sorry they) will be shivering their nuts off on the stairs, dragging wet footprints in and out the old office and more importantly probably in and out the new one, being shouted at by half Italian partner who wants us to remove our shoes each time and said blokes will probably not want to do that, well if I was them I definitely wouldn't want to do that, and more than likely catching a cold by the end of the day which would be shite.

Anyway the thankful absence of hangover is due to an excess of Guinness, W11 was fair overflowing with Guinness last night, not the creamy, lovely stuff you get to drink in Ireland (do you know that the Evening Standard once carried out a survey, this was in the day when London Guinness used to be made at Park Royal in that fabulous old monument of a building that reminded you you were back in London after a weekend in Oxfordshite but because you had been sitting in the A40 Sunday night traffic jam for so long you had lost the will to live, never mind navigate, anyway the Standard carried out a scientific survey to find out which was better, London or Dublin Guinness, because despite the London brewery you could actually get Dublin Guinness in London in places like the Toucan - there was only one then in Carlisle Street which was brilliant but there's two now and I don't go any more (tourists) - and they came to the most startling conclusion, that Dublin Guinness was better, not because it was made from water sucked out the Liffey (there used to be rumours, kind of verbal virals, which said the London Guinness was made with Liffey - as opposed to iffy - water too but it wasn't) but because you got to drink Guinness in Ireland, and that's actually the reason why it tasted better (sorry Toucan people) but that's all irrelevant now since it's all made in Ireland, just up the road from the factory where they knock out the traditional Irish pubs and export them to Vladivostocck and Tokyo (that's a true fact that is) and if you go to, say, Moran's just south of Galway and have a plate of oysters drawn straight out the water at the weir in front of you I'll guarantee the pint of Guinness they serve with it is the tastiest pint you'll ever have in your life and I defy you just to have the one) anyway it wasn't THAT kind of Guinness that was overflowing in W11 last night it was the Guinness of the Lulu and Jonathan and family clan variety who had gathered for a birthday party in Westbourne Studios and the bloke whose birthday it was had reformed his band for the night - the De Fribulators - who were not half bad but there was so much chatter and gossip and air kissing going on that there was no real time to drink, I'm not sure they actually serve Guinness there anyway, you'll have to ask someone who works there, and anyway we had to leave early because we're moving today.

And another thing, did anyone ever see those episodes of The Bill directed by david hayman which went on and on and on without any editing or stops or anything, as if he had forgotten how to punctuate? No, thought not.


Anonymous said...

Nationwide, you are my hero.

H said...

You will also be my hero once you stop leaving comments about frigging bears on my blog. I suspect you and Dolenz are in cahoots. Which is also a wine bar in Clerkenwell.