Sunday, March 18, 2007

sex and drugs and rock and roll

I met Marianne Faithful yesterday. She stopped me in the street to ask where a restaurant was and despite the rock star shades, I could vaguely recognise a personage familiar to me.

When she said that, yes, she was familiar to me and that she was in fact Marianne Faithful we fell into natural conversation despite a little weeny tiny voice in my brain going "ask her, ask her" but we chatted amiably about life in Dublin and Paris and her not knowing London anymore and her tour and suchlike. Lovely and charming. The woman who embodied the phrase "sex and drugs and rock and roll" and probably even invented it for all I know, who, if memory serves me right went out with a Beatle and a Rolling Stone, and who has spent most of her life blasted out of her tree. But I didn't ask. Because you don't do you?
Anyway my teenage daughter met Sienna Miller and Matt from Busted, so that put my gas in a peep.


Anonymous said...

she's gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Ask what? About the Mars Bar? You wazzock.