Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I hate you. Well, no I don't really.

I'm finding it increasingly difficult to actually hate anything of any substance any more, or anyone for that matter, so I think I'd better compile a list.

(1) Call Centres, obviously. All of them, without exception. Fucking blight on humanity.
(2) The same bloke who I speak to in my mobile phone call centre every month.
(3) Barclays Bank. And not just the call centre.
(4) My ex-wife's nasty little crook of a solicitor.
(5) A guy who works in Sky that I'd better not name here. Sadly, he does not know who he is , as he is valuable to both me and my company. But he is such a lying, nasty, two faced ass.
(6) I did hate a guy I worked beside but he's dead, so that doesn't count. I'll replace him with Parking Meter attendants, Westminster Parking Servcies (call centre I'm afraid) and Bailiffs. Especially bailiffs.
(7) Marmite and HP Sauce. With a passion.
(8) Rothko.
(9) Fucking Cipriani in Davies St, London. The emperors new clothes.
(10) Floury Chinese Buns (I live on Dim Sum, but I won't eat THAT!)

Hardly Margaret Thatcher, George Bush, world poverty and all of Wales, is it? Must try harder.

Oh, and parma ham that's off on a pizza topping, although that was only yesterday, so I'll probably hate it slightly less tomorrow.

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