Sunday, March 18, 2007

funny person

Channel Four's running that "top 100 standups" again which for a clipshow is quite funny (it's supposed to be totally funny) and Bill Hicks has just passed through. I'm told he was the funniest person on the planet. But Gerry Sadowitz has just performed, not like a dose of salts, possibly more like caustic soda. He's the most outrageous outrage in Bar Outrage on Planet Outrageous.
Back in the day, his short lived Time Out column was a taste of things to come. He caused, um, outrage. His shows have to have security. What was it he called Mother Teresa? A cunt?

I met him. He was managed by Pal P for a while - we'll come back to Pal P in another post - and Gerry was a quiet guest at lunch. I saw him before that in his wee magic shop in Clerkenwell - well Theobalds Road - in London's original Little Italy before Soho took over. He specialises in close up card tricks which defy the senses - utterly brilliant at them.

Thing is, on stage there's no-one to touch him. He's, um, fuckn magic.

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I'm AlisonDuvet, although obviously I'm not. Interested to read your memories of Jerry S. He remains one of the very funniest on the planet. Did you know his Time Out column only lasted three weeks (early 1988)? I have them in a box (somewhere...). Big postbags after those, although I can't be sure whether he jumped or was pushed.

Thanks for your comments on OrganGrinder. I could give you my name but it probably won't mean much to you! I sort of work in the media - TV listings - although I do bits of writing here and there. Quite clearly, I've watched far too much TV in my lifetime. Maybe one of these days, I'll get the opportunity to put that experience to better use...

Anyway, leave a message at tiswasnottiswas if you like.

All the best


PS The moniker is a reference to Radio Active (Remember it? Radio 4 comedy series written by Angus Deayton and Geoffrey Perkins and with music by Philip Pope.) They did a parody of Alison Moyet one week, and that's what they called her. And they got Kate Robbins (Crossroads, Copycats, Monkey Dust) in to sing.