Monday, March 19, 2007

anonymous blogging

There are small communities of like minded bloggers all over the planet who have come together to talk about common issues (nhar nhar! oh the freedom to stick in double entendres at will!). I contribute to several but one of the most fascinating is the Guardian Organ Grinder.

It's ostensibly a blog for media comment - when Big Brothers on the posts go through the roof - and it's all anonymous. Only the Moderator in Chief knows the ISPs and can work out who is who and since I guess a lot of the people who're posting are known to Guardian staff (I know I am) then this is a good thing.

At the core there's a ragbag of anonymous taters who write every day. I went into ovedrive last Friday making stupid, inebriated comments about the BBC telethon Comic Relief but day in day out the same names appear.

Here's a guide to the people who I don't know. But do, if you see what I mean.

MelBel : by far the most prolific tater, known for her irrational hatred of anyone associated with ITV but better known for her fast and loose use of English as she is spoke. Likes a Limoncillo or two and between the lines genuinely very nice, with a heart of gold. Or possibly not.

Mickydolenz - who used to play drums in the Monkees and was once Circus Boy, now a prolific writer whose inspiration, much like Hemingway, lies in a glass or two of something frisky. Witty, funny, bitter, twisted, etc etc. Will get the Nobel prize for blogging when it's invented. Beware, likes a fight.

Yeractual - hysterically funny Northerner (or so he claims) whose pecadillos and writing skills are beyond reproach. Maybe he should get the Nobel. Suggested (five minutes ago) that the above collaborate on a communal blog. Too late mate.

Oniongravy, a rather sensitive flower, believed to be northern too but shields his identity under a mix of delicate phraseology and bluff counterpoints. A creative writer of the first order. But given his predeliction for gravy made entirely out of onions should never be trusted with a pot and spoon.

Dblack, another one whose wit and charm overflows with bonhomie until someone sets themself up as a target in which case he likes...etc. Dblack is the only one to have knowingly revealed his true identity. He's a proper grown up rock star who has had hits and all that. But I'm not going to say here who he is. Wouldn't be right.

Terrywogan - recently had baby (wow - a true fact!) and is one of the most contrary writers on the thread, specialising in one-liners. Loves everyone usually , especially MelBel. Suspect he's not really Terry Wogan.

Kemuri : likes a fight.

Peartreeproductions : writes sensibly and likes to wind everyone up by arguing that white is in fact white.

joedoone, a writer I think, whose witty and creative bon mots are posted from a different location in manchester each time. There can't be THAT many internet caffs, he must be onto Salford by now. Oh, and he likes a fight, best illustrated in the phrase "what do you mean, I like a fight?"

Hfactor, a spectacularly spikey lady who is terribly funny but oooooh likes a scrap it seems from her more acid offerings on OG. I am, however, grateful to her for introducing me, via her own blog, (which is very witty and amusing) to Brit in Hokkaido and subsequently an Englishman in Osaka, both of which are fantastic personal blogs from two places I happen to know and love, written by very nice people.

More to come when I remember them. But have to go do work right now. Unusually.


michaelea dolenzario said...

well, get you. this personal blog business. it'll never last. you'll get separated if you keep this amount of writing up.

Anonymous said...

good blog.


Yeractual said...

But will you keep this up? I've had a blog for some time, but my CPD demands that I don't soil it with content of any kind.

Be strong, be determined, be NFactor.

H said...

Me, spikey? How fucking dare you.

Thanks for saying nice things about my blog. A LINK wouldn't kill you.

Nationwide said...

Jesus H.

H said...

Just the link is fine - I'm not the messiah, I'm a very....oh hang on, that doesn't work.

Nationwide said...

It's on the front page under "my favourites",
I remain, your obedient and humble servant....nwide.

Colin Vearncombe said...

you're a fag, nationwide. btw, have you noticed how the personalities of the bloggers on the OG sort of represent the "types" you used to find in school groupings? the jock, the tart, the nerd, the bully, the freak... it's like the breakfast club all over.

Nationwide said...

are you my first hate mail? somehow I was expecting more than "fag". And if that is the case, where's the little one with the predeliction for musicals and girl's comics?

H said...

Can i be Molly Ringwald? Please? Always wanted to be a princess. Although am not ginger. At all.

Nationwide said...

did you start acting and singing when you were age 6? No, thought not, mrs spikey, then no you can't.

Anonymous said...

I don't like fights anymore; I'm a pacifist. With the emphasis on fist. PS Did the BBC really ask Jade Goody for her views on the Budget? Innit.


Anonymous said...

Enough with the anonymous blogging malarkey, Hfactor's voluntary outing requires that you be named as Joseph Doone!
I'm actually Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees.

Busfield said...

As you rightly say, it is the commenters that make Organ Grinder such a great blog. Thanks to all of you for your intelligence and wit over the last few years

nationwide said...

Well, even with a little hindsight, there's not that much wrong with it all. Tentative exploration, not much fisticuffs. Some dropped off the radar, replaced by spectacular new ones like Hermione and the other "live blog gang".
Funny little community, innit?